Data Capture for Climate Change and Energy Research: HIEv

This page is no longer maintained, see the replacement on the UWS eResearch web site

UWS is undertaking a project with the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment to build a an application for capturing and managing environmental data, allowing researchers to query data from a number of large and small-scale experiments, construct useful data sets and send them for archiving in the Research Data Catalogue.

The project was know as DC21, and is funded by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

The application has recently been installed in the Institute and named HIEv. It is designed to handle the data acquisition and collaboration requirements of institute researchers and their collaborators. HIEV was developed for UWS by Intersect NSW using funding from the Australian National Data Service (ANDS). The application collects data from sensor networks in the institute’s large-scale experiments, as well as data uploaded from other sources, and keeps track of the provenance of data sets. It provides a centrally-managed hub for distributed teams to access quality assured, cleaned data, produce new derived data sets, and capture models and analysis for inclusion in publications. HIEv is linked to the institutional Research Data Repository, allowing re-usable data sets and the code and data that support publications to be archived and identified using DOIs, commonly used for journal articles. Using DOIs means data may be cited an increasingly important factor in measuring the impact of research. The repository is managed by the UWS library for long-term preservation of data.

Code for the application is available on Github.

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